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Operations Fleet Manager - Dallas
Dallas, TX   •   Operations

What you'll do

  • Manage and execute daily operation, assembly and maintenance
  • Build up local Quality Maintenance Crew: managing and motivating bicycle technicians and managing, tracking and reporting assessment maintenance and repair of bikes
  • Manage deployment, inventory, quality of supply chain: ordering, receiving, transporting, delivering and storing newly-arrived bicycles and ensuring appropriate levels of inventory are held
  • Manage and coordinate all vendor activities related to local bike storage, maintenance and delivery
  • Track and report all key metrics tied to operations management
  • Manage and solve potential urgent crises for daily infrastructure operations
  • Co-work with marketing team to constantly improve the product based on market and partner feedback
  • Support other projects of the launching team as needed

What you'll need

  • Ideally experienced in bike maintenance and bike share rebalance as well as
  • working with bicycle technicians and warehouse workers
  • Passionate about green transportation solutions and urban environment
  • improvement, and are interested in the “share economy” and platform
  • methodology
  • A team player of high integrity, down-to-earth, low-ego, strong detail
  • orientation, and quick in decision making
  • Analytical and logical thinking, data-driven mentality
  • Mechanically and logistically savvy, at least willing to learn quickly and do hands-on work and able to troubleshoot operational and operations problems, quickly and efficiently
Founded in 2014, Ofo is the world’s first “non-docking” bicycle-sharing platform, operated via an online mobile app. Combining the idea of the sharing economy and smart appliances, Ofo enables users to hire a bicycle anytime and anywhere. It is a revolutionary and game-changing start-up providing a convenient and on-demand bike hire service, promoting a green and healthy way to commute, helping to solve the first / final mile(s) problem.

Since it was established 2014, Ofo has become the world’s largest bicycle-sharing platform with the fastest growth of new users. It has more than 200+ million registered users, raised over $1.3 billion USD from venture capital funds to become the biggest bike sharing company globally. We operate in over 200+ cities, and provide in excess of 30+ million bike rides per day in China alone. We're looking for great people to help scale our US operations.

As the Fleet Manager, you’ll lead the operations strategy and engage in hands-on execution. You’ll be responsible for operational strategy and day-to-day execution excellence including parking site operations and optimization, supply chain management, vendor management, and bike quality maintenance.

We believe in solving local problems with a mixed of global and local solutions, so adapting proven global models to your local market and community environment is important. This is where analytics, execution, and creativity converge.